The Meeting


  It was a beautiful morning for me,and of course maybe for my friends. That day I was at Indonesia with my friends and teachers from school.We stayed at this hotel(forgot what is it called). I was so happy that day.It's because, my boyfriend told me that he will come to see me there at the hotel. Ok since I woke up, I can't stop being nervous and happy. How can I can't be nervous? It's because..after this 6 months together, we never meet in real life. So that time was our first time to see each other. Ok continue. I was eating my breakfast near the lobby, and when I called him, I heard my own voice from the phone and I asked him 
               " Babe, where are you? " then he answered
               " I'm already at the hotel lobby hon,where are you? "
Ok I hurriedly turn off the phone,well not actually turn off the phone. And I told my friends that my boy friend is here and I asked for their help to accompany me to meet him (how stupid). Suddenly, my phone was vibrating,a message from him! he said.
              " Baby,where are you? I'm already at the lobby :) "
              " Uhmm,,I'm still eating breakfast hon,right beside the lobby (nervous) "
              " Well hurry up, I want to meet you ^^ "
              " Not now babe, I'm still nervous,HAHAHA.waiit "
              " oh come on honey, I'll wait at the lobby ok,hihi "

When I finished my breakfast, me and my friends went to the lobby to meet him.THERE! I saw him,sitting on a couch, wearing his hoodie (soo cool!). Then I walked towards him and I poked his head. And then he looked at me suddenly the world was paused and his handsome face was looking at me,his black eyes were staring at my eyes so deeply (I know it's hyper). And the conversation begins,

          "  Hey baby :D ". My body were kinda trembling
          " Hey honey,(opening his hoodie) "
          " Ah! meet my friends Egy and Zaky,ahha ". Tried to make my heart beats slower even though it's not working.

Then I went upstairs to picked a present for him. And not long after that,my friends started to leave us alone (lol). After that, I asked him to go upstairs. Then we talked and laughed outside of my me and my friends hotel room, sitting on the floor. Unfortunately, one of the staff hotel came to us and said,

              " Pardon me to interrupt but, are you going to stay for long talking on the floor? "
              " Uhm, yes kinda sir. Is there any problem? "
              " I believe yes, I'm afraid it will caused a problem to the other guests. I recommend you two to go inside,thank you "
              " Oh ok, we'll get inside then. Thank you sir "

And before he entered the room, I asked for my friends permission if he can go in or not. And they said no problem.YES!. And I introduced him to all of my friends (not all actually). We laughed together and talked a little bit. And what I like is that, finally took a picture together,finally :)

To be continued . . .

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