hello there strangers

A girl named Charina Dhika Wiedyani, called Dhika/Yani, was born in the dusty,ancient city of Egypt on 2 January 1993. Officially the first daughter of a math father and a literature mom. She's Indonesian and a central Javanese blooded girl who likes accountant and a vintage fashion seeker.

Born with a white skin, usagi(bunny) teeth and a right-handed. 165 height still wanting more, and 53 weight (thank god!). She's an outgoing, cold iced water addicted, a girl who silently being copied by strangers and affiliates because of her unique style.And she had a perfect skillful-handsome-graphic design-boyfriend

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Editing photos, twitter,blogging, facebook, accounting, sushi maniac, polaroid user, vintage dress and accessories lovers.

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I started to blog when I was in 2nd Junior High, and start this blog not too long ago. Maybe some of you guys will think or may not think that this is a fashion blog. Actually, is not. It's about a whole pack of my favorite things.So grab a seat and have a good time reading