It's been a while really since my last post. Oh I'm going to go to Egypt for my long holiday,YAY! Since I will be away I will give you my latest photo :D

What I wear :
Bracelets : Unbranded
Trixie Sand Wedges : AdorableProjects Indonesia
Jeans : ZARA

So I have been to JakCloth 2012 this month and it was an amazing urban clothing bazaar and I love all the clothes there.Oh and all of 'em are on sale!


Right On Mate!

29 February 2012
     was me and my boy 1 year and 10 months anniversary.It was a beautiful day, really. We went to the mall, bought something and we had lunch together. Before we had our lunch, we went to the CHARLES & KEITH'S shoes shop. I adored a pair of oxford shoes very much! I told him that I was going to buy it later from the bookstore. He went somewhere else and left me at the bookstore. And by the time he got back,we went to my campus for lunch in the canteen. The most shocking moment was, when I went to get something to drink, and I got back to my seat, there was a bag written CHARLES & KEITH'S. I was speechless,and stared on his eyes. 
Me : " Is this what I think it is? "
Q : " *nodded* Take a look "
I couldn't stop my hand from opening the bag, and I saw a pair of beautiful, oxford shoes in front of me. Speechless, and happy! 

Oh the next day I wore the shoes and showed it off to him *giggle*



sand & leaf

Maxi Dress by Tendencies
Skirt by Unbranded
Bag by Tendencies
Belt by ZARA

It was a beautiful day that day, and luckily I went to Central Park for a small reunion <3

Pasta de waraku

I was in a mood to eat creme mushroom fettucini yesterday.So I asked my bf to accompany me the whole day! We went straight to PIM[Pondok Indah Mall] and fly to the restaurant hall on the 3rd floor!

This was the place that we went to

I have to say that they offered us a great dishes and it's pretty affordable actually. Oh and I love the vreme sausage fettucini very much! (I'm not sure if the name is right)


Quick Update!

Hey guys,quick update here.So I'll be at Jakarta for this last semester examination for 3 weeks :).I promise you guys I'll post an interesting posts!So keep in touch ok ;)