The princess finally met her prince.

 There are so many words that I can't describe how I felt about you. How I was very happy when we first met. How we laughed together, holding tight our hands like we don't want to ever let it go. But since you came into my life, I've been so happy. The fact that we're a thousand miles apart is not a matter at all because you are always in my heart. You told me that I'm the right one. I cannot tell you how good that made me feel. I am waiting for the days to make our dreams come true. I'll wait for you for a lifetime if you want me to. Do you know why? Because you are the only one who sees me while I am invisible to others. I hope you never quit seeing how much my love for you is true.
 But now, we are far away again from each other. You are a great guy and I just can't imagine a day without knowing you. When you are not here I see you, I smell you, I feel you, I miss you... can't wait to see you again as soon as possible, My Love. 

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