The Meeting II


 I got back from Mataram, and he met me at the airport. I was kinda blushed when I met him, because he's sooo HANDSOME!After we talked a bit, my uncle's driver came to picked me up. Oh, my boyfriend also brought " Roti Boy ", it's a cake that I've been wanting for a long time. After I arrived at home, my boyfriend also came to accompany me. Oh there were also my family at the house, so I introduced my boyfriend to them and my boyfriend was blushed (so cutee >w< ). When my boyfriend was playing PS 3 with my family, I told him that I was hungry and I wanted to go to this Korean Restaurant, and he said ok. But the stupidest this was, none of us know where was the exact place of the restaurant. So we got lost for not a very long time, lol. And after we found it, we parked the motorcycle, and when we went in the restaurant, there was this Korean woman greeted us. Oh and she is pretty too. Btw, the food that we ordered was kinda strange and... spicy. After we finished our food and took some pictures, my cousin sent me sms, and said that she wanted to take us both for dinner and I said to my boyfriend,
                         " Babe, we just had dinner. And my cousin wants us to go to a dinner with her. Is it ok for you to pretend that we haven't eat dinner hon? "
                         " Hahaha honey, of course I can, as long as we're both together ^^ " (isn't he sweet?:"> )

Anyway when we got home, I decided to take a shower first, and when I finished, I found my cousin was talking with my boyfriend! hihi. So I joined them to talked for a minute, and after that the three of us went to this mall and we ate at this Singapore Restaurant. We had so much fun, and my cousin also gave me a present ^^. After we took pictures and everything we went back home, my cousin also went back to her place, and my boy friend? He accompanied me for a while :)

My Cousin, Me, and my Boyfriend

Me & Him <3

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