My dream will SOON to be come true

Yeah so, I've been saving up my money for like 3 months ago,to buy this goodies. In Egypt, it costs for about LE.1192. So here it is :

YEAH!!Soon,maybe 1 month later, I will be able to buy this!the blue one!

So, I'm going to buy the blue one. I'm not going to buy the black one coz there's no Lg Lollipop Black in Egypt, and I'm NOT going buy the PINK one cause I HATE pink. It's too girly (puke mode : ON).
It's kinda pissed me off when I first time saw this, and I showed it to one of my friend, and when the other saw it, they were like " oh my god, i'm going to buy that too. ". I was like " what the? the reason why I want to buy this it's because BIGBANG and 2NE1 sponsored this phone. Not because I want to have exactly like someone have ". Tch!

Oh well, to boost up my money, I'm going to sell my violin,muahahah (devil laugh)

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