heart attack.

Last night, was the most scariest night ever.

We were having a little fight, over something stupid. We chat from our cellphone, you begged me for your apology, and I responded selfishly. But still, I felt bad when you did that, but my stupid rock head still can't forgive over something stupid.And then you said " I Love You..please wake me up ". At that time, I didn't get it what you mean, and I left you alone. I was going to wash my napkins, and then, your cousin pm me on yahoo. She said, how long have you been unconscious. It gave me a a little bit of nervous. Then I said " about 5 minutes. what's wrong with him?!". And she answered " His heart beat is fast, ".At that time, I started to cry and pray for your safeness.
And then, she asked me a question " Are you sure you want to be with him? Even with his condition right now? ". I answered " I'm 100% sure I want to be with him. I'm not like any of his ex gf ". Still, there's a lot of water came out from my eyes, wishing and praying for you. She said, her father was giving him something like, massaging or anything. And then she said, " he's awake and he open his eyes! but..he didn't talk. My father is asking is some questions ". Oh god, for some reason I'm happy that you're awake but, you didn't talk.And what made me cry even worst is that " he fall asleep again! ".

That time, all I can do was crying, holding tight of my pillow,wishing, and praying.

I remembered when you said about " calling through your mind ". It's about talking with your another partner, but through your mind. So I tried that thing, even though I didn't trust it seriously. I calmed my self, wipe my tears, and try to concentrate . And then, I tried to call your name,and said " please wake up ". I know this sounds stupid but suddenly, miracle happened. Your cousin pm me " hey! he's awake.Oh my god, did I just heard he's...calling your name :) ". I was so speechless when she said that, between curious and shocked!. It really did happen! Then, she told me that, you were pale, and you were searching for me in your room :"""). She said that, you thought that I was there with the others. After a few hours, I still waiting for you.
And luckily I got the chance to talk to you about it.
And thank god, you are ok :').

Please take a good care of your self while I'm not there. Because whatever happens to to you,the past,or even the future, I will always love you.

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