Childhood friend


" Hey Arthur, come here. come here, take a picture with Dorina . Stop taking oranges and start walking,hahaha "

Yeah so that was how it start. The story about a little girl called Dorina, and a little boy called Arthur. Well, Arthur is one year older than Dorina. Well actually, it's 7 months difference.


It's been 10 years, they haven't contact each other. It's not that they're busy or something. It's because, Dorina moved to another country. One day, Dorina saw her childhood picture, herself and a boy. She asked her parents who he was. But they forgot his name. So she just prayed that someday, they will meet.

But then, miracle happened to her. A boy, a stranger of course, sent a message on Facebook. And he said " Hey there,sorry to disturb you.But, this is Dorina, right? ". And she was like, " uhm yes you are right.who is this?". And he replied " Hey, I'm the one who stand beside you on a photo. you are wearing red and white dress, aren't you? ". And at that time, Dorina realized that, it was her childhood friend, Arthur.So she replied " Oh my god Arthur!is that really you?Aahh,,how are you Arthur? ."

And so, Arthur and Dorina started to get to know each other better than before.....

To be continue . . .

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