My very 1st ugly painting

Hey guys, so i tried this painting class at my school. First i didn't know how to paint but i ACT like i know, lol. It was fun actually at the class. And i started to try this cover of a novel :

yeah that one, because i don't have any inspiration at that time.I hope my "duplicate" of the novel wouldn't be that bad,so please leave your comments ok :).thank you

And here it is..TADAAA~ And that's me.god I look fat T_T

And now, i'm working on my 2nd paint,
and I will try my best for it :D

thanks for reading guys XoXo


arapposting said...

how many days does it takes you to finish it? its beutiful, you did it almost perfect, just a little bit more touch. but it is beutiful. :D keep working on your skill! hehe lwts share paintings hehehe ok ok? two thumbs up for you Dhikaa! :D

dHikA Wiedyani said...

I actually do this once a week.so i have no idea how many days I have done for this :).Thank you for your advice, and I'll try my best fot my next paint :).
yeah i will share my paintings in here.so keep in touch :D
thank you qisthy :D

sHiLa ... said...

gambarnya keren ko dhik :)

dHikA Wiedyani said...

ehhe,,thank you ila :)