I have a boy friend, he's a basketball player who is so cool. He once brought the good name of their school. But now the boy had graduated from school.

One day, their coach asked him, to help the basketball team.In first day of school they had scored a game. But, on the second day, the basketball team is not complete. Which actually consists of 12 persons, but who came only six people. So this made my friend very disappointed and very tired.
Unfortunately, they loose. He thought that after losing, they will not duel basketball again. And apparently she remembered, that on Tuesday, they will duel again. And he had a chance to show them!

The day has come for him to show them. And he also came early because he had to warm up first. BUT! his coach called and said " you haven't settled the payment yet,have you?. And he was surprised. So he asked his junior " hey guys! you haven't settled the payment yet?! ". And the juniors said " no we haven't. ". And my friend was very surprised and yelled " THEN PAY IT!". But they answered " ahh man, but we didn't bring any money ". And this made the coach mad at them. But the worst part is that, they failed to duel basketball with the other teams.
Because their team has been canceled for the duel.
And he said " if you were here, I'll be with you and leave my team! "

And now, I'm trying to make him feel better :)

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