It touches the heart

You light up my world every single day, you brings back my tears into laughter,you do everything by yourself just to make me smile, and these words, made me believe that your love to me, is a pure Love,

"For many years, now I realize that love is wonderful.
Your existence in my life shows me that love should not always lo see your face, but without seeing you I still love you just like the way I love you.
And you show me that love should not always close to each other, but close in heart.
You show me everything in my life.
True love, yes my first true love.
You made my life full of smile and laughter.
You wipe my tears.
You are forever and for always,
the beginning and the last.
I Love You So Much.
Cause something special within you. "
- 19 May 2010 10:55 AM

And this one, made me feel strong, made me feel I could face every single problem in this world, with you :)

"Many problems I've faces in my life,but this is different.
The most difficult problem were taken by us easily.
Cause I know that whatever happens in our life,
we will trust each other and we will solve, and it's proved.
Thank you my dear :') "
- 21 May 2010 09:50 AM

Oh how I'm glad to have you in my heart..forever :)

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