Reasons Why I love you

This is my answers for your question " Why do you Love me? "

1-I can be myself when I'm with you.

2-Even when I'm grumpy, you still like me.

3-You let me give you a detailed description of how I spent my day.

4-We both know that together we can work out anything.

5-I can tell you anything and you won't be shocked.

6-You're the light in my life, you're the inspiration.

7-You always seem to know when things aren't going great.

8-You know how to bring a smile to my face.

9-You and me together...we can make magic.

10-When you're around, everything's fun

11-You've taught me the meaning of love and sharing. Our world is more complete because of it.

12-You never give up on me and that's what keeps me going.

13-I love your smile...I really do. =)

14-You're a good at sport even when I'm not.

15-You're the one who holds the key to my heart.

16-Honey, you're that someone who makes happiness happen.

17-We share the right kind of love.

18-I want to stay forever with you.

19-You've seen me at my worst and you still love me ( this is the one who made me realize what's a TRUE LOVE is)

20-I enjoy being with you.

21-You know all my secrets...and keep them.(ssst..)

and the last..

There are endless reasons why I love you but the most important is...darling, knowing you is loving you :)

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