White Roses

Monday 051009 7:11 AM

i'm going to tell an old story of me and him :)
soo..get ready folks~ [lol]

it happened maybe 1 year ago,
we were dating outside..
we went to Hardees, it's like a fast food restaurant actually :)
ok so,it was in the middle of winter..

in egypt, if it's winter it's very very cold -_-"
even though it's not snowing,but trust me ;D
ok back to the story,

we were talking, and laughing, and talking, took pictures,cuddling?

ok and then, he gave me a scarf :)
gray scarf, :)
and he put it around my neck infront of mny ppl xD
seriously i was like " darling, let me do this on my own,ok :) "

and he said " no!don't mind them, look at me, "
ahhaha,,like that :)
and on our way home,we didn't take taxi,because there was a traffic jam -_-"
soo,,we walk and laughing and so oon~

BUT, suddenly,gw gave me white roses T_T
o my goooooooood!
i was like " honey, what is this for? " with my shocked face looking at him x))
and he said " u said u like all things that is white, and u said u like white roses. i never buy u white roses before, do you like it? "
do you like it? u asked if i like it/not?

duuuuh~ of COURSE i like it..it's my favorite color honeeey,,
aaaaaa and i hugged him,infront of mny ppl and he said " honey, there's a lot of ppl staring at us you know "
and i said " don't mind them "
ahhahahah,,everything just going up side down xD
and when we arrived at my home, he said goodbye and things,
i was so happy, and i put the roses in the glass xD

i don't have a vase though

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