Red-dish Nail Polish

Monday 051009 9:09 PM

i just bought this Nail Polish, from Amanda Nail Polish Last&Shine,
i just loove the color, it's like red blood xD
when i arrived at the store, i have no idea, which one i'm going to buy,
and well, i just found it xD
the price is..maybe LE.18 ?
i don't remember, really..

but it's true, when i try it on,it was so~ shiny ~
here, i took a picture of the naik polish,and my finger being polished by the nail polished....wha? xDD

and that's the result :D
if u were wondering about that yellow lights,
it's a sign xD
i wore a ring from my boyfriend,and it was sparkling xD
if u can see there's a small light on my ring xD
it's because of the flash from my phone though.
i want to SHOW OFF my ring from my beloved boyfriend :)
hoaaamm..i think that's all for tonight..
i'm getting tired ^^
good night and sweet dreams :)

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