Unexpected Surprise

Friday Oct 02 2009

You wont believe what happened to me yesterday :)
yesterday, i went to Costa Coffee with my friend,
first of all, she asked me to accompany her to met her friend, she said that she wanted to return her friend money, and wanted to meet up at costa coffee..
these days, i'm a little bit moody xD
bcoZ i miss my boyfriend like HELL!!! and he won't tell me when will he come back -_-"
and~ i accompany her to meet her friend..
on our way to costa coffee
i told her that, " i thought he would make me a surprise with this way, but it turns out like this. u want to meet up with ur egyptian friend *siighh~* " and she giggled at me.
and we arrived, she said to wait outside, and i was like " oh maaan T_T "
and when i turned my BACK.. i saw my boyfriend walking towards me with his lovely smiiile...

i was like . . . . . " no...wayy " aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
and he hugged me infRont of sooooooooooo may ppl xDD
well,not hug but baahh,,sort of that
i still can't BELIEVE IT!!! is this even real??
so..we went inside the caffee..but THEN..she left me alone with my bf :)
awwww,,and then i poked his arm soo many times xDD
and i said " am i dreaming? "
he said " i'm the one who's supposed to poke you,not me -_- "
ahhahah,,he was right,,and my cheek was RED xD
he said " ur getting prettier or u ARE beautiful? "
awww isn't he sweet :')

and he presented me with OUR ENGAGEMENT RING
well, it's not but we pretended it was our engagement ring ^^
and we say our words, from the movies, the moment before you put ur ring to her/his finger?
yeah that words xD
afteR that we slipped each other ring to me and him xD...
and he kissed my forehead instead of lips x) *kyaaaaa*

and then we went home, he accompany me to my home, we talked for a while inside my home,
and he gabe me abaya, and 2 perfumes :)
after a lot of blablablabla,
he wanted to go home, because he just arrived from the plane and rushed to dokki to meet ^^
i love you so much honey~
mmuuahhhh :*

wish we can be together forever :)


Hasna Orangesugar said...

aaww, so sweet banget dHikaaa~

Az said...

cariin pacar! aaaah sweet bgttttt :3

dHikA Wiedyani said...

hasna: iya sayaaang ^^..he is my SWEET bf..hihihi
RiRin : weitss,,lo kiRa gw tmpt biRo jodoh :P..makasi syg~