one word....I Miss You So Much :'(

he's been away for like, 2 months already..
and i miss him so much :(
i know that he went to his childhood place,to find a job for his living in here (egypt)
with me also..if we go out together :')
he's so sweeet NOT..i said NOT NOT NOT NOT going to be there for me!!!!
aRghhhhhhhh TT_TT
he'll go to his childhood place again..to have a reunion with his family :')
i'm happy,of course...but..he likes to go there,, a LOT..and it's a lil bit uncomfortable for me..
but hey..we still love each other so much :')
that's the most important thing..for me and him :)
i love you sooo much huny :*

ps : please pray for me..bcoZ when he go to his place for the 2nd time, he'll have this "family " talk with his family friends :(...to talk about their son and daughter..IF you know what i'm saying T_T
please pray for me, so that he could stay by my side...forever :')
god bless you all <3>


SHENG.♥ said...

Aww. So sad. :(
But, don't worry. God has a plan for you both. :)
Just pray and everything would be alright. :)

Hasna Orangesugar said...

aaww, dhikaa.. sabar yaah :)

FallendReameRs said...

sheng : yeah,,so sad :(..yes,,i trust that :)..i will pray :)..thank you <3
hasna : iya syg,,makasi :)