Spending Money

For the last 1 week, I went to this cafe called " CILANTRO ", alone. Yeah it;s kinda new for me to go the cafe,by myself. Because that day I was really really really BORED. So many things that made me really disappointed and mad!.It was fun actually, having sometime with yourself. Anyway, this time I didn't go by myself. I went there with 6 of my friends. At first, I ordered 1 Hot brownie with chocolate syrup on it, and 1 Mushroom soup.Meanwhile, the waitress came and he told me that they don't have the mushroom soup except tomato soup. And I rejected his kind offering BUT I don't like they he WINKED and that FLIRTY SMILE of him! argh! made me wanted to punch him right on his face!. Ok after that my hot delicious brownie came~

                                            That's my favorite dessert ever!

And yesterday on Thursday, me and my friends went to the McDonald. I was going to try the new Ice cream Apple Sundae and it tasted good enough for me. Because I don't really like Ice Cream Sundae. Oh and I ordered Fries also,

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