I'm (not) a GENIUS!

Actually, I'm not a genius like Albert Einstein or any other people.BUT I do have the courage to read any kinds of book that will be useful for me.So, I already prepared my self, for the upcoming competition called SILN. It's an competition that will take place outside the country,and dedicated to all of the students of Indonesia all over the country. I already attended SILN in the year of 2008 and 2009. This will be my last competition, so I hope I will pass my last chance to make my school proud of me and to meet my old friend . I already choose 2 for the competition, it's dancing and economy.For the dancing, I already know what kind of dance I will try, as for the economy, I have 3 books that I have to read! and here it is

                      It's a book of Accountant.Look at the thickness of that book! It has 19 parts!(sigh) FIGHTING

                                          This is my favorite book ever

As for the 3rd book, I won't publish it in here. It's secret I'll never tell

Last, please please please please..... pray for me whoever read this! Please pray for me so that I can pass the selection for the SILN. GOD BLESS YOU ALL

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