Dargdodnah Restaurant

Last Friday, me and my friends went to this restaurant, it's Palestinian Restaurant actually. The theme was so Arabian thingy, the lighting,  the scent an everything. And It's comfortable too. And the important thing is that, the lobby was so clean and cool with AC.Anyway, me and friends started to ordered some foods. I ordered 1 Shawerma chicken, and 1 Sambusak( I don't know what is it called in american or something. But here are some pic that I took before I ate it.

                                 This is the plastic bag. " Dargdodnah 1846 "

           The orange is The Shawerma Chicken, and the white box is The Sambusak

For those who lives in Egypt, you better try this, It's so tasty and unique ;). And it's not expensive at all. The shawerma costs like 3$ in Egypt costs like LE.13. And the Sambusak costs like 1$ in Egypt costs LE.6.
I hope you guys will enjoy it.


mizo said...

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Never U will find like This Offer in any were Unless Our Restaurant DarGdodnah
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mizo said...