His New Hair cut

So here it is, my friend called Qisthy, he just cut his hair. First he asked me what kind of mode should he copy. And I said " Why don't you just trim a little bit of your hair. Because it looks like a garden to me (kidding) ". And he went to the barber shop with his friend Kiki. After a few hours, he sent me sms,and he said " noo!! don't loo at my hair! it's so ugly!! ". Then I asked him to online on Skype.And when I looked at his new hair, I was like " Awwww... you are soo cute. Now you look like an High School Student even though you already graduated. ". And he was blushing all the time. Now I want you guys to look at these 2 pictures of him, and tell me your opinion.

BEFORE                                                                    AFTER

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