A night full of BLOOD!!!

Last night, i just got back from Sharm El-Sheikh,yeah it was a looooong journey i tell you, AND it's very tiring.It'll take like about 8 hours to go to Sharm Rl-Sheikh by a bus.And it was like a little piece of HELL to just sit in a bus chair for 8 hours! ARghhhh!!!AND i also got stomachache because of the bus scent,WHICH i hate it SOOOOO much!

so after i arrived at home, my mom tole me to unpacked my baggage before i go to sleep. So i did what she say, and while i'm doing it, suddenly i felt something weird about my nose.And when i put my finger into my nose,there's a BLOOD! aRghh,,i cought a nose bleed,again! (i'm so hyperactive)
and so i stopped my unpacked thingy and grab my lovely small towel to cover my nose.And it last like 5 minutes?!omg,my mom shouted from outside of my room " Kaaa..what are you doing insiide? ". And i was like *damn it* " i'm unpacking my stuff mom, like you told me to do ".
And so my nose bleed is finished and also my stuff.

When i was sleeping,in the middle of the night, i suddenly woke up and my blood is dripping from my nose.I hurriedly searched for a tissue and there you go,i got it. After it finished, i went to sleep..again. And maybe after 3 hours from the 1st accident, i suddenly awake again! and the same accident happened for like 2 times in a rows..
So my sleep was not good at all,,seriously.

" What's with me anyway? "

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