Could this be the end?

I had loved you from the very first time we met at my school.It's a Love at first sight, actually :). We love each other very much,care about each other, understand each other feelings, and we did everything together. We were like a glue and a paper. Nothing can separate us from anything.

Until one day, you hated me so much, because i had a lot of boyfriends, i mean i have a lot of friends that's a BOY.Not that kind of BF/GF ok. I tried to tell you that they were all my best friends, i like to have a lot of boyfriends better than girlfriends. Because boys won't tell anybody about our story not like GIRLS who had a mouth of water, that always go with the flow~
But still, you didn't believe me, at all. And how do i supposed to tell you while you are still didn't believed me?

1 year and 10 months passed. We still love each other so much. But you've changed dear. It's like, you told me to do everything that you want, to make you happy. But what about me? what about my happiness? my feelings? I still tried to be patient, as long as i can. Until one day, ou asked to break up while i'm having fun with my family ouside town? what..is happening to you? What did i do wrong?

After i think about it, you wanted me to broke up with you, is that i didn't follow your commands,isn't?But i'm not your slave, baby. I'm your GF, your future wife? But then, all you did is that, you made me hurt. ANd you didn't even realized. Did you hate me that much huny?Is it?

And one day, i sent you sms, that i'll accept your break up thingy. But the, you asnwered " no! don't leave me.i'm such a foolish to said that to you :(.please don't leave me " wha.....? What is that supposed to mean honey? why are you such a " one day you are like this, and the next day you are like that "?


It's not going to prevent me to accept you "break up" thingy..seriously. Because you hurted me so much, and you even said that " i think i'm right " ? why honey?:"""")

Can't you see i'm cyring ALL night because of you?Can't you see that i sent you sms everyday even though you didn't replay it, JUST to make you believed that i care about you so much?:(

i can't take this anymore honey....


SHENG.♥ said...

Hey, just passin by at your blog site and i've read this post of yours.

uhm, i just want to say that you don't have to be sad. I mean, yeah, it takes time to heal. But hey, there's a time for everything! You can do whatever you want. Pamper yourself. Do shopping. Sleepover with your bffs at your house, cook food to your mom. :)

maybe, someday your guy will realize something. Don't worry. You can still pursue everything without him. In fact, there's a big, big GOD. He'll help you to get through this.

So, don't be sad now. God will make everything okay. :)

So, that's it. I'm Sheng btw. I'm from Philippines :)

Godbless and i hope, i helped. :)

dHikA Wiedyani said...

hey sheng,thank you for your advice.
tha's so sweet of you to cheered me up :')

i hope it will all work out sheng :)
thank you for visiting my blog,

love you