my "sweet" accident

ok so it began at my school..no my BELOVED school
at that time, me n my classmate weRe having fun..well not actually fun,
we had this oRal test, English Oral Test [booooRiiiing~]
we had ouR tuRn, my tuRn was numbeR 5.
the Rest of us, went outside the class,and we'Re doing sumtin' fun~

and...the teacheRs Room was empty~
so, we went inside, and the computeR was "ON"
and the Room was cold bcoZ of the air conditioneR ;P
suddenly,my fRiend EGY scReam like hell!
i didn't know what's made heR upset, so i ask what had happened,
and then, she showed me heR shiRt, theRe's a fingeRpRint with ink!
that puRple thing that u use with a stamp...
she was mad like..i dunno
she searched foR him = AULA [the DEVIL..lol]

and when she found him, she stampt heR fingeR with ink on it, and put it on his SHIRT AND his FACE!!!!
ahhahahahah =))
but it didn't stop heRe,
my friend, HELMY said " uhm,i think theRe's something purple behind uR back "
and when i looked back,,it was the same stain like my friend had!!
and then, iw ant to punish him,,i Ran to him and he Ran to the boy's batrooms.
and he locked himself in.
i waited him outside,but ehn i got tiRed,,so i waited him at the digital Room,,
and when he appeared, i put this angry face on my facde, and he Ran away i don't know wheRe..
until the school ended, i didn't found him >__< [shet!]
but what i DONT like is, my fingeRs was full with that puRple ink :(
TT_TT and if i meet him tomorrow, what should i do?

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