oh, dont worry
you didn't break me. no,
sweetie you
competely destroyed me

those handsome face of yours
put the city lights in shame
&&there'll always be those akward times when we look at each other *
&& temember how things use to be

and if one day
i actually START to matter
please let me know YOU, because of you, i get to know what's the meaning of love :)
i wrote that when you throw me away like a garbage.


Hes sweet.
Hes nice.
Always nice.
Hes funny.
Always able to make me laugh.
Hes trustworthy.
I can always rely on him.
Hes everything a girl has ever dreamed of.
But what makes him different?
hes for r e a l .. <3

so please,,don't leave me behind :')
take me with you, where the both of us spend the most of our times together
have our child, raise them,
until the day we die...
no wait..
even death can't separate us HiSHaM <3

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