NYE 2012!

Hey everyone!Happy New Year 2012!I hope in this new time of year, we will be better in everything.So last night, I celebrated new year in front of my dormitory house.We decided to have a barbeque party, a mini game,and of course countdown to new year with FIREWORKS!Oh, and my boyfriend was also there last night,thank you baby boo

Let the party BEGIN!

less than three :)

Mates that made the night even fun

funny pictures LOL


Sausage grilled,Chicken Grilled,and Corn Grilled!

Oh I even made a "To-Do-Lists" in 2012 :
  • Study harder that last year
  • Start my own clothing line step-by-btep
  • Getting to be 19 (in 2nd of January)
  • Never ever again skipped 5 times praying a day
  • Eat more of healthy food
  • Start the Aerobic class
  • And more to come:)

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