Fresh Start

hello there dear bloggers :).It's been ages since my last post....kidding :P.Yeas I know I know I've been busy...you know what? I've always been busy since I came to Indonesia!Maybe it's because, I'm busy taking care of "things" that me or you should do to enter your favorite dream college.And I haven't got a chance to meet my classmates :"). Oh how I miss them so much, I still remember the days we spent together in class. I never thought...it will be this hard to meet my friends, in the same country!I just hope that they're all doing fine as always. I forgot to tell you guys that, I got accepted in Bogor Agriculture University, in Accounting.I was happy and shocked when I read the announcement in my e-mail. Still, I'm trying my best to get accepted in STAN (dream college since 100BC).So, that's for today, wish me luck guys for my new day of college :D

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