Last Day of Nightmare

On Monday, was my last day of exam, and thank God I finished it!. And so, 3 of my friends were planning to go to this syrup cafe, but unfortunately during our way, we talked about soup! And I asked them why don't we go to Cilantro Cafe instead, and surprisingly they said " why didn't we think about it earlier! ". Ok when we arrived, we choosed to sit upstairs and ok then we went upstairs. And then we ordered this and that, I was going to ordered chicken soup but they don't have it that time,gosh! I hate it.. And so I ordered this spicy chicken sandwich which is NOT spicy at all. And I asked the waiter to bring 10 pepper,lol. When we about to leave, I took this big red book, which is a guest book or somehting like that, we can write anything in it. So we decided to write down.

I wrote mine.

So after we had fun with the book, we went home and we had fun that day.

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