Love Saying from Him

All this time, I've been writing down beautiful quotes,sayings,or poems from him. And I never tell him. That's why, I told him that I will give him a surprise. " Babe, I hope you remember it. I love you (kiss) "

" I care what's in you, I LOVE you just the way you are. I PROTECT you from any dangerous. I TRUST you to have my heart, and I RESPECT you as a women. "
 " Every time I imagine my hand is touching your heart, I feel peace within you. Especially when you say that you love me. You made me really calm. Nothing could make me calm that fast. Only you can make me calm. All I wanted in my life is all inside you. You are my treasure. Not treasure with gold in it. Treasure with full of colorful stories in it. "
I already love you so much and I can't imagine if you are going to leave me like the others. Stay with me. I promise you, I have everything you always wanted "
" Without you I'm just a piece of shattered glass and I can't see myself. But you are here, you fix me into a one piece of mirror so I know who I really am. "
" As long as I could still breath, as long as I'm still strong to walk, you will be the one that I will search for. Even if I don't know where else to go, darling listen to me, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. "
" I just can't lie to my own feeling. I can't hide it away from you. The more I'll never meet you, the more it'll grow. The more I'm close to you, the more happiness I feel between us. Safe, and Joy. "
" Peace is what I feel, love being with you, safe in your hug, relax in you kiss, romantic in silence with you "
" I Love You. That's what I always wanted to say. I love you since our first met. I'm happy to know you since I knew your name. "

" And I, Qisthy Ahsanul Hak promise in the name of Allah, and for the sake of love between me and Dhika, that we will love each other and live forever and always. And we will remind each other if someday one of us forgot about our love "

So touching isn't? now..if you guys were wondering, how does he look like, and what made him so special, well here it is, I will show you the picture of my beloved boy 


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