Fun Day

Yesterday was Monday. Me,and my other 3 friends, we went to the Mall,called Star Center. First of all, me and 2 of my friends, went there by Metro, It's an underground train. And after we arrived, we took Taxi to the mall, and we meet up there with our other friend. And so, when we are arrived, we saw this syrup store, and the three of us wanted to drink,but we thought that maybe some of us didn't want to. And so my friend Syaima said " Ugh,,I want to drink something. ". And I said " Yeah me too, let's go to the syrup store behind us ". And then the three of us stopped for a second, and then we ran toward the syrup store. It was funny how we wanted to drink but we think that maybe the others didn't want to. So this is the pis of the Syrup Store.

HEAVENS!Finally, we drank something cold and refreshing.And yeah, we spent a little bit of our time there.LOL.After that, we walked towards the mall, and it's kinda tiring(to me because I wore flat gladiator sandal,argh).After we arrived, we went straight to the top floor,because we wanted to see what movies are on. After we argued a little bit about what movie should we watch, we decided to watch  "KARATE KID ".And my other friend who already watched it, she just hang out somewhere.Anyway, after we watched it, we went to this food court (finally!).And I've been waiting to eat this.

                                             AL BAIK!
and it tasted soo~~~ GOOD! I want to eat it again

                                                      Yeah that's me eating AL BAIK

So after we ate, we went to the soo many random stores. But I didn't take all of the places that I've been to. I'm too lazy.But here are some pic that I took from my phone.

                               This one called " ACCSESSORIZE " lots of PINK thingy -_-"

                      And we went to this Undies shop (god I love the yellow bra ~)

And after that, we went to this SHOES HEAVEN SHOP!They have this lot's of beautiful shoes and high heels oh my god! And they were all on SALE!arrghhh....and OF COURSE I took some pics there.

                                       They are all beautiful and to DIE FOR!


                        I want to buy THOSE,and that's me with my girls :)

The last but not least, We went to this VIRGIN MEGASTORE. It's a store that's lots with books, electronics, t shirts,posters, and everything! You can almost find everything in there. When I looked around the books, I saw these books that I wanted to buy for now or later.

                                                I WANT THIS SO BAD!!!!!

And while looking around, I remembered my friend Qisthy Ahsanul Hak.I remembered that his dream was to be an Graphic Designer or anything,and so I searched a book that maybe fit for him And thank God I found it, and here it is,

                                   STREET ART COLOURING BOOK

                                                       Front Cover
                                                        Back Cover

Approaches to Product Design


                                                        Front Cover

                                                       Inside View
   ( He said that this is his favorite one. Maybe someday he will have it from some one (giggle) )

And these 2 books, I took it for my childhood friend, called Arga Arkadhia Yusuf. He like architecture and design so I searched some books that related to that.
        Architecture & Design : Ultra Modern Interiors

                                CASE STUDY HOUSES

At last, we went home after a few hours spending time with friends, and I didn't forget to bought a little of chinese food, and doughnuts for my beloved family.
                                                On our way back home =)

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