smiling all the time.

It was on Monday 21th. It was soooo hot that day, and I was alone at home. Everybody was at school. My mommy,daddy,and the 2 of my brothers are all at school. And I'm here sitting alone like a lonely owl sitting on a tree branch. But then, someone accompanied me until afternoon.

We use Skype to see each other from thousand miles awaay~.

And then I asked him " Would you mind sing me a song? ".
then he answered " Hmm.. ok,listen to this "
And from that point, he picked up his guitar and he started to sing a song, called Baby you're invincible - A Rocket To The Moon.

I was blushing all the time, and he said he was nervous and he afraid that his voice will be out of tune, lol.And at that time, I was smiling all the time. I was soo happy hearing his voice singing for me.no! especially for me.

I hope this happiness will never last.

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