(not) Part Time-Job

During this summer holiday, I got exactly don't know what to do. So this morning,(which is already night right now), ok back to the story. While I was chatting with my friends, and I got tired and I wanted to took a bath my mom said " Dhika, you promised me to clean the bathroom during the summer holiday right? now clean in up first and then you can have a bath". Ok so, I was like " Oh God, I forgot about that one. But then, I rushed to the kitchen to grab the gloves and the scrub thingy? whatever. And while I was walking towards the bathroom, my dad passed me " Wait,I want to take a bath first ". Ok so I waited for like, 10 minutes and watched my lil bro playing the Nintendo W i i . 10 minutes passed and then I entered the bathroom and said to my self " Ok Dhika, you are about to face a lot of enemy...well...a lot of places to scrub. FIGHTING ".

So, I scrubbed every places and every holes in the bathroom. But my pajamas got wet because of the water, and my body stinks! So I took of my pajamas and.. I only wore my undies. Yeah that's crazy. I had a lot of fun scrubbing here and scrubbing there, but after an hour, my hands and my feet started to aching and I felt soo tired.
At first I ignored it and continued. But still, I can't resist the pain and the stinks of my body!. So then I finished it all up. Cleaning here and there, and off to the bath tub!It felt sooooooo great to have a cold water all over your body!
And when I finished my mom said " You finish? Ok let me see ". And I was like " what??what for? ".akhh,, I'm too tired! So I rushed to my room, get dressed and ate my breakfast, AND off to my bed,sleeping again like a lazy hippo.lol

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