26 in commons and soon there will be more

This is a lists of Hippo's and Giraffe in commons (and soon there will be more)=

  1. Math Haters
  2. All pinky stuff haters (hoekkkhh!!)
  3. Dangdut's haters
  4. Lowblood pressure
  5. Sleepyhead (ZZZZZZZ....)
  6. Forgotter (yeah they are stupid!)
  7. Unique Shoes lovers
  8. Avenged Sevenfold lovers (ROCK ON!)
  9. Final Fantasy lovers (Hippo = Tidus, Giraffe = Yuna)
  10. Gaia Online! (they used to be online games FREAK!)
  11. Basketball lovers
  12. Comfortable with each other
  13. Promise not to leave each other forever
  14. Can't forget our past love life
  15. Can't forget our love
  16. we LOVE arts
  17. We care about each other so much!
  18. Chocolate lovers sooo mucho
  19. we HATE to wait more than 10 minutes!!it's irritating!
  20. We miss each other
  21. Talkative
  22. Lebayers..means we are overreacting about something
  23. Slow brain connection....
  24. Always bring our headphones
  25. Chilly Haters
  26. Electronical maniac Family
and that's all guys :)
All of this in commons, made Hippo and Giraffe so close and understand their feeling together :)


arapposting said...

ane pertamax gan! hehe very nice gan! :D sundul aah up up up!

dHikA Wiedyani said...

ehhe,,tengkyu gan :D
jangan lupa cendolnya gan!