the Fruits Collection for Vans Spring Summer 2009!

ok guys,soo~ i was at the mall with my mom,
and suddenly, my mom told me that she loove this high heels,
and i asked her " where is it mom ? "
and she also told me there was a discount.
so..i rushed to the store,AND 'm in love with this
cute,colorfull,beautifu watermelon SNEAKER!!!!
i'm sooooo in love with it..
and i asked my mom,to buy it for me,coz
i NEVER EVER met this kind of sneaker..
it's very rare, and not soo many people would wear it,
so..if you are like imagining about the sneaker that i talked about it,
here t is :)

there are 3 styles :)
yeahh~ but i bought the last one :)
i want the upper one,but they don't have it :(
they only have the second and the last :)
oh well,now i'm happy with it,
and my friends was like " oh my god,can we eat it? "
ahha :)
thank you for reading though guys :)
have a great day <3

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